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Relaxation Recordings - Grabaciones de Relajamiento

Relaxation and meditation audio recordings are available as a resource to you. The samples are free and available through the websites listed here.

Relaxation Meditation Audios

PMR Short 5.7MB
Relaxation.mp3 2.0MB
Relaxation.mp3 3.1MB
Mental Body Scan.mp3 11.4MB
Mindful Meditation.m4a 19.0MB
Meditation Outside In.mp3 6.4MB
Grounding.mp3 18.9MB

  • Track 1     PMR Short     4:11
  • Track 2     Relaxation     8:48
  • Track 3     Relaxation     13:43
  • Track 4     Mental Body Scan     9:58
  • Track 5     Mindful Meditation     8:52
  • Track 6     Meditation Outside In 6:58
  • Track 7     Grounding     20:38

Arizona State University - Human Resources Services

Presentation showing Relaxation exercise


Healing Arts

Relaxation and Guided Imagery Audio Files


University of Texas - Counseling & Mental Health Center

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Training

Montefiore, Healing Arts


University of Southern California - Center for Work & Family Life

Audios for relaxation, visualization



Various sources


Dartmouth College -Health Promotion & Wellness

Audios for Relaxation, Guided Imagery and Mediation


University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign McKinley Health Center

Various audios - Relaxation, Guided Imagery, Breathing Techniques and Relaxation Music


Brigham Young University -  Counseling & Psychological Services

Eight categories of audios - relaxation, guided imagery, self hypnosis, meditation and more

Grabaciones de audio para relajamiento y meditacion estan disponibles para su uso. Todas las grabaciones son gratis y disponible a traves de los sitios de internet detallados aqui.

Grabaciones de Relajacion

Respiración.mp3 2.5MB
Meditación 3 min.mp3 1.4MB
Relajacion Muscular USD.mp3 6.2MB
Relajacion Progresiva.mp3 15.2MB
Meditación Guiada para el Estrés.mp3 10.5MB
Visualizar Guiado.mp3 16.6MB

  • Audio 1     Respiracion     2:45
  • Audio 2     Meditacion     3:00
  • Audio 3     Relajacion Muscular     6:49
  • Audio 4     Relajacion Progresiva     16:38
  • Audio 5     Meditacion para Estres     11:31
  • Audio 6     Visualizar Guiado     18:08

Georgetown University - Center For Child & Human Development

Relaxation & Meditation Exercises in English & Espanol

Respira Vida Breathworks

Breve ejercicio de meditacion


University of San Diego - Counseling Center

Relaxation Exercises in English & Espanol


Ivoox Audiokiosko

Audio para meditacion y relajacion profunda


Meditacion Psicoterapeutica

Varios audios gratis de meditacion